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Benefits of Soft Water
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Water Softeners from Water Sorter, Hockley, Essex

Water Softeners from Water Sorter, Hockley, Essex

 Benefits of Soft Water

Water Softeners from Watersorter

Have a Water Sorter Water Softener water softener installed and .......

  • REDUCE water heating costs as existing scale in pipes, hot water cylinders, water heaters, heating elements, washing machines and dishwashers is dissolved NEVER to return
  • Use up to 75% LESS soap, household cleaning products and washing powder / fabric conditioners in your washing machine
  • Say GOODBYE to unpleasant scum and stains in sinks and baths
  • Feel your skin CLEANER and FRESHER and your hair SHINIER and HEALTHIER. Soft water is the natural conditioner
  • SAVE on MAINTENANCE costs as domestic appliances using soft water last longer and clean more efficiently
  • Enjoy the LUXURY of pure softened water in your home. Prices from 480 for a water softener suitable for up to a family of four


Damage caused by hard water