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Benefits of Soft Water
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Water Softeners from Water Sorter, Hockley, Essex

Water Softeners from Water Sorter, Hockley, Essex

 Water Softener Controls explained

Water Softeners from Watersorter

All our Water Softeners are built to order to meet our Customers individual requirements.

We use only the most reliable and proven components from American manufacturers (the best suppliers of Water Treatment equipment in the world) to build our Softeners. Many of our Customers have Softeners that are over twenty years old, still working well producing Soft water.

Water Softener Controls Explained

There are two main ways to control the cleaning (called regeneration) of a Water Softener, this is when the salt is used, they are:

Time Clock Control

These are the most simple of Controls, they regenerate at 2am at fixed intervals (e.g. every 3rd night). This is pre-set at installation according to the number of persons in the household, size of the Water Softener and the hardness of the mains water supply. There is also the facility of a manual override should it be necessary to help with periods of high usage (e.g. extra people staying).

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Microprocessor Meter Control

With a sophisticated digital Control and Water Meter this is the most modern and efficient way to control the regeneration of a Water Softener. It is programmed to know how much water it can soften before it needs to clean itself. Every night at 2am it carries out a number of calculations to work out whether or not it needs to regenerate that night, thus ensuring you never run out of soft water. As it never regenerates unless absolutely necessary it makes the most economical use of salt and regeneration water (the water a Softener uses to clean itself).

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To summarise, The Time Clock Control will regenerate at a pre-set period. It will do this even though the Softener may or may not have reached its capacity. This could waste salt and regeneration water it may even run out of soft water. The Microprocessor Metered Control is the most economical and efficient, regenerating only when necessary, thereby saving you both salt and regeneration water.