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Water Softeners from Water Sorter, Hockley, Essex

Water Softeners from Water Sorter, Hockley, Essex

 Your questions answered


The original source of all the water we use is rain, which is soft. Once it falls and permeates into the ground it dissolves mineral salts (Calcium and Magnesium) from the local rock. This is then known as HARD WATER. The scale you see around taps and inside heating appliances is the scale turning back into their original rock form.

What are the problems of using HARD WATER?

The scale formed on heating surfaces in kettles, boilers and hot water cylinders etc acts like insulation therefore more energy is needed to heat the water. Washing machines and dishwashers using HARD WATER require more maintenance, servicing and cleaning. They also need more detergents to clean properly. Your skin and hair feel dry after washing in HARD WATER and scum is formed by the reaction of the magnesium with soap.

Why is a Water Softener the answer?

A Water Softener removes all the Calcium and Magnesium from the HARD WATER leaving it 100% soft, in fact softer than any naturally found soft water.

How does a Softener work?

All softeners work by passing the mains HARD WATER through a special resin bed (called an Ion Exchange Resin), inside the Softener. This resin exchanges the hard minerals in your water for soft ones. After the resin has softened a given amount of water it becomes exhausted (usually after about 3 days) and needs to be regenerated. This cleaning and regeneration is carried out at 2am at night when the Softener uses the salt stored in the cabinet to flush and regenerate the resin bed. This is an automatic process which takes approximately an hour. Your only job is to top up the salt cabinet

What about "Electronic Water Conditioners "I have seen advertised?

These water conditioners whether electronic, magnetic or using radio waves DO NOT soften water. The mains water is in the same condition after it passes through the unit as it was when it entered, with all the same hard minerals (Calcium and Magnesium) present. If these conditioners work as their manufacturers claim, why are they not fitted to dishwashers or washing machines?

Is Soft Water good for my health?

Soft Water will feel silky and luxurious on your skin. People with sensitive skin, dry skin, or minor skin problems tell us these conditions improved since using Soft Water. Clothes washed in Soft Water need less soap, are rinsed properly and feel fluffier and fresher. You can drink Soft Water from a properly maintained Water Softener, you use less tea and coffee when it is made with Soft Water and cups and pots stay stain free. We will always leave a HARD WATER drinking tap for you (which can also be filtered) as some people prefer the taste, so the choice is yours.

How much will this luxury and it's benefits cost me?

Water softeners are sized on the number of people living in your house. The cost of a time clock controlled water softener suitable for a family of four is 480, please compare with other manufacturers prices. Our charge to install your softener would be in the region of 180 for a typical installation. Running costs are about 1 per year for electricity and approximately 5 per month for salt (typical for a family of four). Our range of water softeners will give many years of trouble free services and the only attention needed is to top up the salt cabinet perhaps once a month.

How do I obtain a quotation for a water softener?

Please contact us and we will arrange a convenient time for our engineer (not a salesman) to visit you. the purpose of this appointment is to test the hardness of your water, select the appropriate size and model of water softener and where best to install it in your home, whether indoors or outdoors in a protective housing. We will tell you the exact cost of the softener, the running costs and a quotation for it's installation, if you wish us to fit it. We will then leave you to make up your mind - you are under no obligation - this is free advice.