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Water Softeners from Water Sorter, Hockley, Essex

Water Softeners from Water Sorter, Hockley, Essex

 Water Softener Servicing, Maintenance and Repair

Water Softeners from Watersorter


To ensure your Water Softener is always working at peak efficiency we can offer an annual Inspection and Service of your equipment. We will clean and service the Control Head where necessary and check the condition of the soft water. The cost of this service is in the region of 59 per year.


Should your Water Softener break down, overflow or leak we offer a full repair service. We carry spare parts to repair the most popular makes of Water Softeners, this ensures you are back enjoying the benefits of soft water as soon as possible. There is no call-out charge and you are only charged for our time and spare parts used.


Is your Water Softener nearly 15 years old? We can completely overhaul it and make as new. We would disconnect and remove the Softener to our workshop and the following work carried out:
  1. Strip down and clean all the Softener components
  2. Replace the Ion Exchange Resin (this is what softens the water)
  3. Inspect the Control Head and replace any worn parts
  4. Test the Softener

After testing the Softener is returned and re-fitted in your home. All this work for approximately half the cost of buying a new Water Softener.

For full details on any of the above please contact us.